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Our founders are three sisters who were frustrated with which underwear options were in the market; overly sexy, poorly fitted, or uncomfortable. They dreaded the morning ritual of digging through their top drawers to dictate what kind of day it would be.

That’s when Au Natural was born. The founders wanted underwear that they felt good in no matter what the day brought. With 10+ years combined fashion experience and a passion for high quality and sustainable products, they decided to create one themselves. 

Au Natural went back to nature to source a renewable miracle fiber, Merino wool, which is more breathable than cotton, flexible for any occasion, and so soft you’ll want a pair for every day of the week. Using nature’s performance fabric, our team has developed the healthiest and most comfortable option while keeping style top of mind.

Au Natural is the only Merino wool underwear on the market that is truly seamless, using heat bonding technology. 

In today’s world, women play every part: friends, moms, employees, wives, athletes, daughters and in our truest form, uniquely individual. Au Natural is best in any occasion - no thought required. Start living the #aunatural life in every part you play.
she is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future | proverbs