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Au Natural’s mission is to simplify women’s underwear choices by providing versatile, classic products that work for every occasion. Bridging the gap between style and comfort, Au Natural raises the standard for undies through fashion-forward products that keep up with women’s active lifestyles. 

We take a ‘farm-to-fashion’ approach when it comes to sourcing our Merino wool material. We have a certified supply chain, so customers can trust that the journey of the wool from the sheep’s coat to their underwear drawer is an ethical and sustainable one.

Au Natural is also honored to offer the first and only Woolmark Company-certified underwear in the United States, so customers can rest assured they are investing in the highest-quality underwear on the market.

-Au Natural Team




The Women Behind Au Natural

Au Natural was founded by three sisters who live the ‘au natural’ lifestyle and are passionate about investing in high-quality, sustainable products across clothing, beauty, and health and wellness.

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